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Welcome Aboard!

Our Sailing Club organizes events on and around beautiful Lake Auman (West End, NC). The events include sailboat races, a Learn-to-Sail course, sailing boat tours around the lake and many social activities. All sizes of sailboats can participate in the racing events thanks to the Portsmouth handicap system. Our social events include after-race BYOB Events, Boat Parades, Rafting Parties, Banquets and more. The Events page on this web site provides you some idea of what we do during a year. The Seven Lakes Sailing Club is open to any Seven Lakes resident or landowner who has an interest in the water or in boat related social events.

Bert van Domselaar

This module is to activate the before space

Welcome to your new SLSC Website !

SLSC Members:

Welcome to our new website. Beyond the new "facelift", we needed to update the site's core programs, which has enhanced the website's security and functiionality and to move it to a new server for additional enhanced security.  The biggest improvement is that the website is responsive to the device looking at it. This should make viewing on cell phones, tablets and other handheld devices much easier.  We have also added other functionalities which you might find helpful as well.

Some of those enhancements include:

  1. Responsive design, which means that the site should reshape itself to accommodate the device you're using to view it.
  2. Registration which simultaneously
    1. Creates a Profile for you and adds your information to the Club's Membership list,
      (The membership list is a full featured list for every member. You can enter as much or as little information as you choose. One big advantage is the ability to directly contact other Members. The list is available only to the Club's registered Members.)
    2. The Profile is editable by you,
      (Should you change a phone number, email address, the type of boat you have , your volunteer interests, etc. you can change them directly via the profile editor.)
    3. Subscribes you to the Club's newsletter, "SLSC's Member Newsletter", and
      (You will automatically be subscribed to the "SLSC Member Newsletter"; however, there are three other newsletters directed to specific groups: "Race Skippers", "Small Boat Skippers"  and "Power Boat Skippers" . Choose all or none, it's up to you. Change them at any time. By the way, all subscribers will receive announcements about social events)
    4. Registers you for Annual Membership in the Seven Lakes Sailing Club.
      (Part of the registration process includes agreeing to the Club's Terms of Use. You will still need to sign and send the Release of Liability form with your Annual Membership Dues before your membership will be activated for the new year. Until activation you will not have access to the Members side of the site or any of the Club's activities.)
  3. Able to directly create For Sale items on the site.
    (Once you've registered or "Create an Account" on the site, you will be able to access this feature through the "User Menu" section of the site.)
  4. A new "Emergency Notice" and "Important Notice" announcements prominently displayed for last minute event or general site changes.
  5. New display software for our Photo Albums which displays across all platforms, in particular Apple products.

We've spent a lot of time trying to find and fix any glitches, however there is a chance some have been missed. We are asking for your help. If you run across any problems, no matter how trivial, such as:

  1. the site doesn't rearrange properly or appears strange on your mobile device,
  2. a function is broken,
  3. some difficultly in doing what's needed to do what you want to,
  4. any content typos or grammatical errors,
  5. any questions you have that are not covered by the FAQ section of the website,
  6. any suggestions that might help the usability of the site,
  7. other content that you think would benefit the Members, or
  8. anything we've not thought of,

please email the Webmaster. If presenting a problem, it will be very helpful if you take a minute to detail what happened, what page you were on, what you were trying to do, what your viewing device was, the Internet browser you were using, etc. More information is always better.

It is worth noting that although the site has been optimized for mobile devices the gallery images have not. Images can be large data files, so individuals with limited data plans may want to view the photo galleries on devices without data restriction cell phone plans.

We would like to thank all of those involved editing and helping "polish" the site.

This is a complex website with many "moving parts". We apologize for any inconvenience, but with your help we can make one of the best. Thank you in advance.

Bert van Domselaar

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