• Racing on Beautiful Lake Auman
  • To the First Mark
  • Coming and Going
  • Setting up to Start
  • Racing Home
  • Focusing on VMG
  • To the next Mark
  • Reaching for the Finish
  • On the Wind
  • Shark Attack
  • Fighting Finish
  • OVER !

Registration and Membership

Registration for the SLSC Membership and website is a pretty straight-forward process. It consists of three parts: SLSC Registration, Membership Details and Volunteer Activities. If you wish step-by-step, detailed instruction of the registration process, click "How to Register for the Website". This link opens a new window so you can "side by side" the instruction with the registration form. The section below is the abbreviated "How to..." version.

Important Note: To verify your email address, a verfication email will be sent to you when you submit your registration. You must click the verification link in that email (or enter the entire link address into the address bar of your Internet browser). If you don't receive a verification email, typically within several minutes but no later than 24 hours, check your spam folder. Otherwise, contact the Webmaster.

The SLSC Registration section is, with the exception of which newsletters you wish to subscribe, all required information. For security reasons, the Password must:

  1. Be 7 characters long,
  2. Have 1 number,
  3. Have 1 symbol, such as ! @ # $ * ] [ <, and
  4. Have 1 upper case letter.

(Note: It is recommended typing your password into a text editor such as Notepad and then copy and paste it into the required fields.)

When entering your "Full Name". This should include your first name and last name.

The Membership Details section is mixed: required and optional. Importantly, the Terms of Use (TOU) item is required to register for the website and Membership in the SLSC. If you wish to read the TOU, simply click on the Terms of Use title, which will open them in a new window.

Critical: If you do not agree to the Terms of Use or do not check the "Agree" option, you will not be able to register. You will be returned to this page, which will request you confirm your password. Some of the other fields previously completed will still be filled, some will need to be refilled. If you choose to accept the TOU, you will be redirected to the Registration and Waiver page. Otherwise, choose "Cancel".

The Volunteer Activities exists to help us plan the Club's activities. Please check at least one activity. Thank you in advance for helping make the Seven Lakes Sailing Club special...

Should you run into difficulties, contact either the Commodore or the Webmaster.

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