• Racing on Beautiful Lake Auman
  • To the First Mark
  • Coming and Going
  • Setting up to Start
  • Racing Home
  • Focusing on VMG
  • To the next Mark
  • Reaching for the Finish
  • On the Wind
  • Shark Attack
  • Fighting Finish
  • OVER !

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Welcome Aboard!

Our Sailing Club organizes events on and around beautiful Lake Auman (West End, NC). The events include sailboat races, a Learn-to-Sail course, sailing boat tours around the lake and many social activities. All sizes of sailboats can participate in the racing events thanks to the Portsmouth handicap system. Our social events include after-race BYOB Events, Boat Parades, Rafting Parties, Banquets and more. The Events page on this web site provides you some idea of what we do during a year. The Seven Lakes Sailing Club is open to any Seven Lakes resident or landowner who has an interest in the water or in boat related social events.

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