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Tuesday, 09 March 2010 18:10

Contact Paul Kirst to borrow any of these books:

  1. A Manual of Sail Trim
  2. A Pictorial History of Sea Monsters and Other Dangerous Marine Life
  3. Advanced Sailing
  4. Aground, Coping with Emergency Groudings
  5. Before the Wind (Adventure Stories About Sailing)
  6. Best of Sail Trim
  7. Boat Cosmetics Made Simple
  8. Boat handling
  9. Boaters Handbook by Chapman
  10. Boating Skills & Seamanship
  11. Boatkeeper, The Boat Owner’s Guide to Maintenance, Repair and Improvement
  12. Boatyards and Marinas, A Boat Owner’s Guide to Smart Shopping
  13. Catamaran Sailing
  14. Circumnavigator’s Handbook
  15. Cruising Fundamentals
  16. Cruising Grounds
  17. Cruising Guide to the Florida Keys
  18. Cruising Under Sail
  19. Fiberglass Repair Manual
  20. Frugal Yachting (a guide to selecting & cruising on a small sailboat simply and cheaply)
  21. Gentlemen Never Sail to Weather
  22. Gypsy Moth Circles the World (True adventure story of fastest single hand around world)
  23. How to Buy the Best Sailboat
  24. Keep Your Outboard Motor Running
  25. Knots, (the Morrow Guide to Knots)
  26. Let’s Name It, 10,000 Boat Names
  27. A Field Guide to Sailboats (how to identify sailboats)
  28. Men Ships and the Sea (history and development of sailing vessels)
  29. N.C. Boating Education Course
  30. Nautical Chart Symbols and Abbreviations, U.S.A. Chart No.1
  31. New Book of Sail Trim
  32. Osmosis and the Care and Repair of Glassfibre Yachts
  33. Piloting, Seamanship and Small Boat Handling (Chapman)
  34. Pirates of N.C.
  35. Royces Sailing Illustrated
  36. Rule Book (of racing 2005-2008)
  37. Sail, Race and Win
  38. Sailing (a humorous dictionary for landlubbers, old salts and armchair drifters)
  39. Sailing Alone Around the World  (Original Edition by Capt. Joshua Slocum)
  40. Sailing Big On a Small Sailboat
  41. Sailing Tips (1,000 new ways to solve old problems)
  42. Sailors’ Secrets, Advice From the Masters
  43. Sunfish Bible
  44. Surveying Fiberglass Sailboats
  45. Tactics of Small Boat Racing
  46. Time-Life Library of Boating Maintenance
    • Navigation
    • Offshore
    • The Boat
    • The Classic Boat
    • The Handy Boatman
    • Sailboat Racing
    • Seamanship
    • Sports Afloat
  47. The Sailing Yacht
  48. Treacherous Waters (Adventure Stories)
  49. Understanding Boat Design
  50. Wayward Sailor (Adventure Stories)
  51. When a Loose Cannon Flogs a Dead Horse There’s the Devil To Pay (origins and    meanings of seafaring words in everyday speech)
  52. Why Didn’t I Think of That (1,198 tips from 222 sailors)

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